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NASA Proposal?

By  douvalis     10/12/2009    Labels:,,,,, 
Just had to post a picture of what a flame looks like in zero gravity. Very cool stuff. The flame radiates out in 360 degrees due to the lack of gravity's effect.

Besides how fire works in space, I have a short update on the NASA proposal. I am about 40% done with the proposal and it is due October 28, which is not that far off! We have a great set of ideas and I'll post the interesting parts of the proposal on the blog when it is finished.

Also, I'm heading to Mexico this month for a trip to help out some kids down there. It is an honor to be a part of the folks at Back2Back Ministries. They are a great organization and I applaud their efforts in Monterrey, Mexico. Check out their website if you are curious.

I admit most of my time has been working on another website The site is a podcast site for movies and is a blast to do. Take a look if you get a second and let me know what you think! Thanks!


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