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By  douvalis     11/09/2009     
I am very thankful tonight because of a few things that God has blessed me with. One is food, delicious wonderful food. One of my absolute favorite spaghetti sauces is Classico's Vodka sauce. Add some tomatoes with cilantro and some peppers for spice and I'm complete.
Beside that though, I was able to finally troubleshoot the final issue with my car and I am absolutely amazed. I had some electrical issues; trunk light went out, trunk wouldn't pop anymore (electrically), my lights would not flash after I locked my car, my right headlight would blow, etc. It wasn't earth shattering issues, but issues non-the-less and I knew something was terribly wrong somewhere. A day after a car wash I soon discovered what the problem was. It would have taken me awhile to find the problem, but it was revealed in a most strange way.
I was praying to God and just simply asked him if he would help me find the problems with my car. God loves us in the little things too, so we're allowed to ask. Well, he answered my prayer. I put my computer bag on the passenger floor, which I do not do very often. Later when I picked it up to go into the house I noticed that it was moist on the leather. I felt the floor and it was wet. Well, from here I proceeded to rip out the floor and discovered what was happening.
There is a wire tray on the passenger side (very cool) and it had a terminal block. The floor would soak up water into the rubber and make its way across the floor like a sponge frying the terminal block when electricity was applied. I noticed a few burn marks where I had done just that.
Where was the water coming from? There is a drain hose from the air conditioning box to the outside of the car and the hose was wet. Why would the hose be wet? Well, it is because the hose was missing its skin. Looking at the hose it had a spongy appearance, with a rubber fitting on one end and a spring structure internally. I pulled the hose out and noticed that someone had cut the rest of the rubber off leaving nothing but the spongy internal workings of the hose left. The water would run right out of the sponge and onto my floor. It is a very strange hose and I do not understand why they have a sponge and spring internal to the hose, but that's alright. I am elated that I found the issue and ordered it tonight online through a great Mercedes part company.
Tonight also left me smiling after I was finally able to download my wav files from my voice recorder onto my computer. I couldn't figure it out for a long time and gave up. I loaded the software from the CD and then hooked up my voice recorder only to have it not work. Today I finally payed attention to the warning that said 'new device detected, install new software'. I thought I had installed the software, so why would it ask me again? The awesome software installation CD fails to install the driver for the voice recorder, but installs the file management software. You have to install the driver after you hook up the voice recorder.

Well, that is my evening. Very happy with these accomplishments and excited to see my family this coming month!


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Wandering with Liberty said...

I have always been amazed at the excitement and enthusiasm you have for the 'ordinary' things in life!! You go My Charlie Charlie and may Our Gracious Creator be with you always!!!

douvalis said...

Glad you enjoyed the article! Hope all is well in Ohio tonight.

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