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Atlas Shrugged

By  douvalis     1/19/2010    Labels:, 

Not a short read

Anyone curious about some of the ideas that were floating around in the heads of the political theorists back in the 40s and 50s? This is a great read that captures a lot of those ideas in conversations and shows that our current political ideas are not 'new', but are quite regurgitated. It is a long read, but due to her writing style it goes by fairly quickly. Ayn Rand gets her ideas across through the countless plot lines, which continue to stack as you read. Be prepared to use your brain as you wrestle with the ideas that she brings up through the various plot lines.

Now for some argumentative comments

I absolutely agree with her political theories, but disagree with the humanist view of morality. Just my two cents, but I think that she probably had a lot of contact with more liberal views of Christianity to come to some of her conclusions about 'the mystics' as she calls them. She seems to concrete all of the mystics together as pushing a socialist theme, but does give some subtle hints in the book later of some of the Christians not going for it. Todays more conservative view in Christianity would agree with her 'enjoyment' of life while not asking government to have a greater role in running everything. They (Conservative Christians) would point more to having the responsibility of taking care of others to the church, not the government, who will force their way upon the public once given the power and not give the power back...ever. Either way the book is a very fun adventure that will definitely make you use think twice about what is said and that is always a plus.

A Movie?

Are they going to make an Atlas Shrugged movie? Well, probably not. There will most likely be a TV series spanning all of the stories in the book. This makes the most sense as there is almost 60 hours in the audio book alone. If they even attempted to do a movie they would not be able to capture the main idea of the book very well. I think she kept it long in order to ensure that you saturate the ideas well before you finish the book and move onto something else.

I encourage the reading of the book with one warning that this is not a 'Christian' book by any means and that is alright. Her frozen frame of the society's arguments in her day in comparison with our arguments today will shock you. I'm still stunned to know how much of our political arguments are not new.

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