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By  douvalis     2/13/2010    Labels:,, 

Yep, this is the book '1984' by George Orwell. He seemed to be a strange fellow and this book pulled out of more of his 'strangeness' than others I think. It was an extremely dark book with a very powerful message though. I do not recommend this one for children. The author writes with extreme honesty in one's mind through the perils of a society controlled by extreme communism. (spoiler alert) He writes to show the basic premise that if the leaders of a society can keep their followers in a crazy cycle (controlled insanity) then the followers will never be able to group themselves long enough to form a revolt. The followers will also be used for the ongoing manufacturing and production for the leaders of that society. Like I said, very dark, very honest, but very probable in how a group of people could be led. He seems to be a slight expert in psychology with some of his major points that he mixes with political science.

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