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Bible Study Guide

By  douvalis     2/26/2010    Labels: 

I used to read through a Bible study guide by Robert Murray Mccheyne, but soon found one in the 'Jesus Freak' books that I really like. This is the Bible study guide I use most often. Click the picture to download and print on your computer (the picture was split in two):

I agree with in depth Bible study too, but keeping ourselves in the Word constantly is always good. Choose to do both as reading a few chapters a day does not take that long, but dig deeper with questions and subjects you are more curious about. Take those studies as long as you'd like, just as long as you are studying something deep. Reading has a great benefit, but going deep has its own benefit as you will grow in ways that surface level reading just won't do. Be sure to use the references in your Bible to help you understand other uses of similar words and subjects. Grow strong and be sure to thank God for 'testing' as he trials those he loves, God bless,


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